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Trading Software


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In addition to immersing yourself in captivating gaming experiences, you'll now have the chance to earn real rewards with our $OVDM token.

Dear digital adventurers, welcome to the exciting world of Overdome! We're proud to present our revolutionary Play-to-Earn game, where entertainment meets blockchain. Join us in this unique adventure where fun and opportunity meet in the digital world!

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Overdome Token

Players can opt to trade the Essence accumulated during their playthroughs in exchange for $OVDM tokens. They can convert their Essence into $OVDM tokens.

Red-Extraction Game

Red-Extraction is an innovative rogue-like tower defense game that thrusts players into the heart of interstellar resource extraction.

Trading Software

Overdome is an automated tool designed to streamline an optimal trading process using the crypto trading strategy. Daily target of 1%.

Referral Program

Develop a network and earn commissions to build a new source of income.

$OVDM Token

  • Fund Your Wallet
  • Play The Game
  • Develop Your Character
  • Use & Earn $OVDM
  • Instant Payouts


Coming Soon

Red-Extraction game essence will be convertible into $OVDM tokens and vice versa. It will allow you to buy characters, upgrade your equipment, unlock new ones and also be able to stake for apy% or cash out for fiat.


Total supply1000000000

Investment Round % of supply Amount of tokens Cliff Vesting
Fair Launch 15.52% 155,200,000 0 (50% @ tge) 5
Team 10.00% 100,000,000 12 12
Tresury 15.00% 150,000,000 6 24
Advisor 7.00% 70,000,000 0 6
Ecosystem Incentives 30.00% 300,000,000 0 (20% @ tge) 24
Marketing 12.00 120,000,000 0 (10% at tge) 24
Liquidity & Exchanges 10.48% 104,800,000 0 1
TOTAL 100% 1,000,000,000 - -

Red-Extraction Game

"Red-Extraction" is an innovative rogue-like tower defense game that thrusts players into the heart of interstellar resource extraction. As operatives of Harvest Ventures, players embody characters with distinct skills, abilities, and playstyles, tasked with defending the revolutionary Overdome during resource extraction from hostile alien planets.


Software Licences


Crypto Trading

Currently we are running Binance, and Huobi API's and trading with around 50 different token pairs. The buy algorithm uses the coinmarketcap data and our trade bot uses this data to execute trades. Buy trades are triggered once the bot finds an opportunity and thinks it can make a profit.

  • First we buy tokens and keep them, therefore the profit is 0.
  • We keep them until a profit is made, once we achieve at some percetange or profit.
  • We then SELL the tokens for a profit and capture the result in USDT.

Crypto Arbitrage Trading

Envision Overdome as an agile and smart shopper, adept at finding optimal cryptocurrency deals. It's engineered for a quick and smart purchase of crypto at lower prices on one exchange and then a sale at higher prices on another platform, capitalizing on the price differentials.


Company Roadmap

Explore with us the exciting path ahead at Overdome. Our roadmap reveals the key milestones along the way, promising innovation, growth and exciting opportunities as we shape the future of Play-to-Earn with the $OVDM token.

December 2023

Pre-launch of the company

March 2024

Official launch of the company

May 2024

Launch of Overdome Game & Launch of Overdome Coin

July 2024

Launch of Overdome Exchange

Executive Partners

Partners & Supporters

Convinced that collaboration is the key to success, we are proud to introduce our trusted partner: Coinstore



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Contact us if you have any questions about the Overdome platform, game or token.

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